The cell I am in, I built it myself.

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Grand Canyon

I may look fine, but maybe I am not.
I may look torn, but maybe I am not.
I want to be in control of how I feel, but at times I lost the power to my heart.
I taught myself to be selfish, and that I will not be hurt.
I limit myself to the capacity of my love as I only have that much to spare.
I don't yearn for everyone's love, I only care about those whom I care.

That's me.
That's the explanation I gave.
That absurd and insensitive reason of mine.
Can I just stay true to what I've always believed?

When it's all about the white clouds, the blue sky.

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Death Valley, Sand Dunes

Look up to the sky, lying on the soft sand.
Breathing in the cold air and you raise up your hand trying to grasp the fluffy white clouds.
It's a miss.
Maybe it's all just a dream.
It's that moment, that beautiful sight that you wish you could be holding on to forever.
I hope a 100 years later, at this same spot, someone could feel the heartbeat as mine and my warmth in the sand. 

Maybe it's not that blue.

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1st October 2015.
California Dreamin' in the making in another month time.
Life is always good when you get to travel, 
with that unique someone.
We eat, we snap, we drive, we will see the world bit by bit.
Let's stay by each other till the end of the road.

Forever doesn't exists, so why pin hope on that.

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Osaka Stussy Chapter

Been a while.
A big year for me, as I step into supposedly another stage of my life.
I've never wanted to limit myself with the number games, it's just all in the mind.
At least that's what I wanted to believe in.

I've always believe in there is a choice in everything, you hold the power to your own life.
I hate to succumb to situation that is not my true self.
Am I being too naive or just simply a self denial?
Things never always go as per planned, kind of knowing it but when it does happen, accepting it with a cool head is just not that easy.

I have that much love but only for that little people.
People, my love is just that concentrated.
See it, if you can't.
Feel it.

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