Nike red suede Air Max 1

I am so gonna get this!
A red mesh/suede upper, white/red speckled mid-sole and white suede swoosh.
But only after my Tokyo trip, provided I have spare cash by then, tsk.
Anyway girls, it seemed that for the past few days, it had been pouring damn heavily and I've got a bad feeling on Sunday, it might...
Let's pray hard.

3 shits :

  1. Ms. Wai11:52 AM

    hope it doesn't rain on Sunday, 8th November...
    Must pray to Tee Gong.
    Btw, no car. so I meet LC first confirm time again.

  2. The Knackler4:13 PM

    Speckled midsole and suede are my thing! Don't copycat! >=/

  3. Please lo!
    Not all speckled midsole and suede I will like it one k.
    Just happen that THIS one I like it.
    Dun be KNS.


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