Escape Theme Park

Last Sunday's activity with dear Serene Wai, we went to Escape Theme Park! But before heading there, we went to the new mall Tampines 1 to take a look at Uniqlo and to me it was really quite sucky lo, the clothings they sell were so boring and normal (almost the same as HongKong) and I don't get it why are there still so many people buying it? And plus it's not that cheap as well, basically it looks like the Japan version of Cotton On. This whole thing is too hyped up.
Escape! Escape!
But it was disappointing that not all rides were opened due to maintenance or some lame reason like waiting for the parts from overseas. Basically, I think they are just trying to cut cost, haha. But luckily Serene is a NTUC member, so it turned out that each of us only needs to pay $7.35 instead of the usual $14.70! So cheap! That's why in the end we didn't mind going in still though the 3 more exciting rides were closed.
The Haunted Mansion. It was scary!! Luckily there was this ang moh girl went in with us and leaded the way, if not I think probably we will be stucked inside freaking long, haha! We are losers!!
Queues queues queues. Almost all rides we gotta wait for quite some time, but the worst was the Go-kart, fucking long! I think we waited for almost an hour, argh.
Vroom Vroom..
Apparently this is not scary at all though it might looked quite tall (15m), probably because it's not that steep.
We may looked "normal" in the above pics, but we were actually drenched!

Video I took while Serene is driving: (Freaking bumpy, but it was shiok!)

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