Batam Trip Re-cap

Batam was fun. Not because of the place but the companies of my friends that made the trip memorable. Anyway we felt gross through out the whole trip as we were all oily due to the massage and we couldn't bathe after that! Is that suppose to be that way? And so, I had to spend the rest of the day with my whole body greasy, hair clumping together, dust sticking on to my oily face, basically it was gross to the max!

Here it goes:

Ferry to Batam.

Destination reached.

Transport to KTM resort for our spa, it was only 8am (Batam time) when we reached there. Freaking early!

Wedding shot. Ha.

Guess what's this?
Ans: A shower cap

What's the deal with Mr Lionel's expression? Haha
Our "free" lunch:

Are u able to see what's wrong with the above pic?
It's the way he wore his helmet! He looked like ultraman lo, haha.

I want my rootbeer float.

Our manicure + pedicure. I did mine for only $19! Cheap deals.

Dinner place.

William's uncle that lives in Batam drove us to this seafood place, which I think is quite a popular spot for the tourists. Fresh seafood.

Dumb activity before dinner, haha. Paddling.

The lobster was so-so only, shouldn't have ordered that. Our total bill was $176 and this freaking so-so lobster contributed $100! It was so not worth it la. But come to think of it, each person only paid $22 for the meal so it was still considered cheap for the seafood we ate.

Presentation sucks.

Drunken prawns! Complimentary from William's pretty uncle, oops. Haha.

Yum Seng...............!!

Back to Singapore:

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