East Coast Park. Cycling.

Shit. It's now 1am and I got to wake up at 430am later for the Batam trip. I'm afraid that I can't wake up! But I am not feeling tired yet, argh.

East Coast Park again! Visited Princess Wingkina before heading to ECP, the weather was not too bad, sunny but windy at the same time.
I am having "jelly" legs right now due to the cycling, haha.
But it's ok! In another 7hrs time, I will be having a good massage while facing the ocean relaxing. Woohoo!
It makes us wanna go to Bali even earlier! Haha
Love this. Nice.

I looked like crap. Dumb.
Crap too.
Cute right!
Hidden me.
Home sweet home.
Serene bought me this NaRaYa bag from Bangkok! Thanks alot once again! The elephants are damn cute right!
Bought these toothbrush holders, cute stuffs.
While on my way back home, saw this damn unlucky van being crushed by fallen branches due to the heavy rain I guess. Poor thing.

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