Flea Market at F1 Pit Building.

Flea Fly Flo Fun.
Was at flea market on saturday as Phoebe had a stall to sell off her old stuffs, Pauline and Priscilla shared one as well and to my surprise, I saw Mervyn Boo there! His girlfriend had a stall there too. It was fun but so tiring at the same time, it was actually worse than working in the shop at flmp, haha. But I still enjoyed it! I bought a freaking $2 skirt and a $15 tee, loving it!
Oh ya! And I didn't know that there's an outlet of Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits fastfood restaurant at Singapore flyer! All the while I thought only Changi Airport has it and now I can go to City Hall to enjoy my favourite whipped potato of theirs!! Actually I love everything from Popeyes! Super yummy!! I want to eat it again!
Photos of the scene:
Outcome of the crowd was not too bad.
Lionel showing off his muscles. Ha.
Mong and his chai.
Self entertaining.

Haven't got a chance to take a ride on the Singapore Flyer, think it will be real nice view in the night. Anyone interested?

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