I am unhealthy.

I nearly black out/ faint while on my way back home, suddenly I felt giddy and had blurred vision and lots of white spots appeared, I just couldn't stand straight. I knew I won't be able to stand all the way back to Yishun, so I alighted at Dhoby Ghaut to find a seat to sit down and luckily I felt better and back to normal. It was so sudden and I have never experienced it before, I think I am getting weaker, shit.
June will be a busy busy month for me! Every weekend is full of activities, there's KTV, flea mart, batam and the kampong trip! Hopefully it will all go as planned.
Anyway will also be going to see "Da Vinci the Genius" exhibition with Pheebs they all. And one more, Steve McCurry's exhibition! Haven't find kaki to accompany me go yet though, but actually I don't mind going alone.
I know I've attached this clip before on my old blog, but I just want to attached it again for those that might not have heard it before. The tune is just so calming, incredibly nice. Amazing piece.

Gabriel's Oboe:

I have the urge to go watch a band concert performance. Is there any good one coming up? Must go check it out. =)

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