My face is rotting again.

Argh! My complexion is so chwe nowadays, how can I stop the pimples popping out?!?! And the scars are killing me!! Is there any cream that can lighten scars?
Anyway another trip confirmed! I will be going to Bangkok next month! Woohoo! And the best part is... I am flying by SQ!! Wahaha!! My first time flying by Singapore Airlines, hoho! I know I am very being very "sua gu" here, but I don't care. So, what does "B" stands for? It stands for Batam, Bangkok and Bali!
Counting down. Anticipating.
I think I have to go buy a smaller luggage bag, preferably a hard case one and in red! But which means I got to spend again, I seriously think I overspent last month and it's not getting any better this month as there's so many plans coming up. Shit.

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