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Two more days and I will be in Bangkok (SQ, SQ here I come!), will be just bringing a bagpack as I hope to get a cheap hard case luggage over there. I will have to limit myself not to spend too much, must drill it into my head, haha.
Set alarm at 815am thinking that I can witness/ feel the partial solar eclipse in Singapore, but it was freaking raining, wth. So, I watched the live telecast from China on tv instead.
Ta dah! Took a pic of my TV showing the solar eclipse. (So lame of me.)
Circle Line: (Serangoon station)
My first time taking Circle Line, basically I found a new way to go to my workplace! But I am still not sure is this way shorter or not, so I gotta test it tomorrow. It is quite complicated and I have to do alot of walking by this way, but at least I won't have to wait for 25 mins if I missed the bus 125.
The route will be:
1) Train from Khatib to Bishan
2) From Bishan to Serangoon
3) Take bus 100 to Kallang way main road
4) Approx. 10-15mins walk to my office (depending on how fast I walk, btw it's a distance of 2 bus stops!)
Why does it sound even further and longer after I break it down into stages? Haha, boo.
Yay! Booked a Mt. Fuji Hakone 1 day tour!
The tour consists of cruising on Lake Ashi and cable car ride up the Mt. Komagatake to view Mt. Fuji.
One person is around SG$205.
I feel that it's quite expensive, but it's an experience that I think it's worth it though.
Hopefully there's snow on that day and it will be perfect!
Anyway, planning on the Tokyo trip is such a headache.
Yet, I am enjoying it. Ha.
Found this clip of a hippo that resembles my Kinder chocolate:
(nice song too)

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  1. Anonymous11:53 PM

    Wah Serangoon MRT looks so different! OMG I have only been away for 2 months and there are so many escalators! I think I better go for Singapore Tour when I get out!

  2. Haha.. 2 months can have alot of changes one ok.
    It's like by the time you are out of the hospital, I think ION orchard will be open too!


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