Back to the normal Lesley Chua.

A lazy Saturday for me. It's been quite a while I am able to spend my entire weekend at home. For the past 2 months, I was so packed with activities and it gets to the point I felt drained by it. Tiring. I need a good good rest.

Oh! Big news!
I am going to Tokyo this November! Woohoo!
It was quite a sudden decision and it will be my first birthday spent overseas! Excited.
Which means I will be going to Bangkok this month, Ba
li in August and Japan in November. Gosh, I am gonna be so broke. Ha.
I must start my intensive saving plan for my coming trips. So, no more unnecessary impulsive buy for me from now on. But I still have so many things in mind that I have not gotten it! My red Davos, Stussy tees, Air Max 1 and so many more. Ahh!!

I am searching for a red hard case luggage as well, but being a cheapo I don't wish to spend more than $120. Which makes it so damn hard to find a decent one. Apart from all these, I still have the Canon G10 or LX3 in mind! I am doomed.

Worse still, constantly there's more things adding to my list. Argh.
Love this Blue Nike SB dunk from the July release and the Blue/ Red Vans 2009 Fall Quilted Slip-on.

Some self obsessed pics of me + nice photos taken last week:

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