Central at Clarke Quay

Hearts this checked blazer.

Once again, I really have to vent out my frustration over my complexion!
I really look like crap! Why does pimple exists in the world? I hate it!
I look dehydrated with the flaky skin and I have been worrying about the Bali trip cause of the sunlight I will be expose to, shit. I am not suppose to be under the sun during this period, but it's freaking Bali, how am I able not to expose to sunlight? Impossible.
So, I might have to look like some bimbo or idiot carrying an umbrella + shades + cap + long sleeve shirt + pants + lotsa sunblock.
Ha, I am joking. Don't take it serious people.
If I were to do so, I think Regina will probably think that Serene has a weirdo friend that's crazy.


Was at Central earlier on:
~ The "Hole"

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