Muji Bicycle

Hooray! My bicycle is alive!
After being dead for like more than 1 year, finally I made an effort by pushing my bike out to change the damn tyre. All thanks to the uncle that repairs bicycle near the Khatib market place, I am able to ride my nice but heavy like fuck bicycle, ha.
A basket and backseat is on the way.

7 shits :

  1. Ms. Wai12:31 PM

    how much you bought the bike?

  2. misschua3:46 PM

    think $300 plus, super long time ago liao.

  3. weeeeeehhhh! wait for me to come out! we go ECP cycle k! I can't blade lah cos I will be on this medicine for 6 mths... if i fall down i ll bleed to death! :( so blading will wait... but can cycle lah cos wont fall down... YEAH I CANT WAIT TO GO OUTTTT!!!!!

  4. Haha.. okok, ONZ!
    We shall be your bodyguards to prevent people from getting near you, haha. In case they accidentally "buang" on you!

  5. Ms. Wai2:22 PM

    winkina, when u are expected to come out? we go set up red carpet haha

  6. Aiya dunno lah. :(
    But I just had a procedure to drain out the pus in my muscle... doc said this will speed up the process by at least 2 weeks but still i dont know when i will be out!

  7. Ms. Wai10:52 AM

    oh ok... i hope you will recover soon.. anyway yesterday was discussing about hospitals with my colleagues and all of them say CGH very lousy. With your case as an example, i can confirm it's lousy. Take Care, babe! I will see you soon!! : )


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