New office

Freaking tired.
All thanks to the two days of packing and unpacking. Finally everything is more or less cleared and our new office is looking so much better than the old one in Geylang. But the location of the new office sucks, it's even further than Kallang! I have to alight at Aljunied station and can only take bus 125 into the industrial estate and the worse part is that the bus comes at every 25 mins! Wth! Which means if I were to miss the timing I am suppose to board, I will be dead meat. Likewise, going back home is a long long journey. Argh.
Lots of cartons. (This is just a portion of it.)
My all cleared table.
The movers we hired all look freaking damn young! They look like Poly kids but I think they are definitely older than that. Oh ya, they are called "Sg Brothers (兄弟)"! Haha, don't play play sia.
When everything is cleared and people have left, it means photo time! Wahaha.
Phoebe's rendition.
My table looking neat and clean, let's see how long can it stay this way, haha.
Anyway I am so depressed by my face now! I am a flaky, scarred, pimples all over person! I looked like shit! Ahhh!!
And adding to it, tomorrow I still have to work. But it's Saturday! It is suppose to be my "stick to sofa" day and now it's gone. Shit.

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