Bali Trip Day 1 - Lovina

Still feeling kinda sick.
The medicine is not working man.
Wonder how come this time round it took so long for me to recover?

Feeling low.
It seems so hard for me to be problem free or trouble free.
Let's put everything to an end and start afresh.
It's gonna be a good one.

Shall talk about my Bali Trip!
Day 1 - Lovina
The airport looks more like our Pasir Ris chalet than an airport, haha.

We had to take a 3 hours cab ride heading north to Lovina in North Bali.

The main highlights of Lovina would be the whole stretch of volcano sand on the beach and the dolphin sighting trip!

Things/ scenery we saw on the way to Lovina:
Rice fields.
High up on a mountain.
It looked so dumb and cute!
Reached our hotel!
It's not just some ordinary hotel, it is a hotel with dolphins in special salt water pools and an animal theme park within the hotel itself.

All thanks to Regina for finding such an unique resort.
Nice greenish algae drain water welcomes us.

The black sand.
It actually looks nicer if you were to witness it yourself as the sand shimmers under the bright sun.
Seashells for sale.
Make sure you bargain before you buy anything from them!
Cut all prices by half for the start, walk away if the price is still not what you wanted and for sure they will call you back and lower down the price again.
Time for lunch.
And it was definitely one of the most memorable lunch I've had in my life.
We were accompanied by at least 10-20 flies around us and probably about 40-50 flies in the whole restaurant, as for the kitchen, I couldn't imagine that.
We had to constantly shooing the flies away before/ during/ after the meal, it was a good exercise for our biceps, ha.


Get set.
Touring of the zoo:

It's the dolphins!
They were so gentle and cute, but I kinda pitied them as they have to be confined in such a small area and all they do were to just swim in circles and circles.
We can even predict at which spot it will come up for breathing.
They should be set free.
Anyway the dolphins were also used for therapy and healing program to children and adults with paralysis or disabilities etc.
Lovely sunset.
Dinner at Bakery & Pizza House.
A 20mins walk to Lovina's city/town area where there's bars and restaurants.
Their beer is dirt cheap, even cheaper than fruit juice.
It was only about SG$2.00 or lesser.

Yummy thin crust pizza.
Headed back to hotel after the dinner as we had to wake up at 430am the next morning to join the dolphin sighting trip.

To summarize Lovina, it was a super laid back place whereby you practically do nothing, haha. So, spending just one day is definitely enough for me as I am not quite used to such lifestyle though I am a super lazy person.

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