Bangkok Recap

Bangkok Trip : 240709-260709
A trip full of non-stop walking, practically walked from 10am to around 11+ pm everyday. I managed to buy 3 sets of bikinis (approx $5/set), red hard-case luggage ($95, but they sent me the wrong size! Ugh! $#!*&%$@!!), navy blue Havaianas slippers ($23, cheap deal.), two vintage shirts (only $4/pc!) and loads of munchies!

Basically I spent $350 in all, including my transport (didn't really need to pay much as Vincent paid majority of it, hoho) and food. By the way lodging was free as I shared the room with Pheebs.

Anyway the main highlight of the trip was my first time flying with SQ! Haha, I am so "SBK". (-.-")

Day 1:

Reached BKK.

The hotel we stayed in was very comfy, clean and cosy, think it's around $90/night, but it's totally worth it.

One of the things I realised in Bangkok is that almost ALL the store owners like to lie on the floor regardless of whether or not there were any customers.

Lunch of the day. Pig intestines + pork + vege + egg with rice. Abit way too fatty for my likings.

Apparently their MRT is not as "lok kok" as I thought it will be.

Dinner at Fuji restaurant. Recommended by Phoebe.

Gosh, looking at this pic makes me want to eat beef right now!

Someone's favourite garlic. This is specially dedicated to you, ha.

Day 2:

I love red rubies!

Chatuchak. Time to sweat like hell.

My rendition of eating coconut flesh when you don't have a spoon.

Some sort of grass jelly with brown sugar.

Dinner time!

Phoebe and I would spend the night shopping at the night market along the streets to hunt for vintage shirts, btw it's dirt cheap.

Day 3:

This is real yummy.

Back to Singapore!
Home is still the best.

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