Bali Trip Day 2 - Kuta

Day 2: Kuta
Will be heading to the southern part of Bali, but before that let me show you the pics on our dolphin sighting trip.
Sadly, we only managed to see 3 wild dolphins, haha. Based on what the locals told us, the day before ours, there were about 100+ dolphins!! Shit! Bad luck on us.
Bought tickets to see waterfall, haha.
We are the typical tourists.
Ta dah!
That's about it la, nothing special, haha.
See, take pictures and go.
It's Kuta beach!!
Anyway I prefer Kuta so much more!
Those super duper laid back place is really not for me, I will die of boredom there.
Proudly to say, I managed to stand on the surfboard!
At least to me it's already an achievement, haha.
Anyway I drank lots of mouthful of seawater and got loads of "blue black" on my knees unknowingly.
But still, it was a fun experience.
Bali bombing memorial.
Clubbing time!
Bounty Discotheque. (Stengsta name, haha)
More of Kuta on Day 4 and 5.
Stay tuned.

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