Bali Trip Day 3 - Gili Island

Day 3.
Gili island. An island at the northwest tip of Lombok, Indonesia.
It's an island with no cars or motorbikes, their mode of transport is either horse-drawn cart or bicycle.

Once again, it's an island for you to practically do nothing but just chill and relax, aka "nua".
We rushed like hell in the morning as we overslept by almost 2hrs.
Luckily we managed to board the speedboat on time, btw the price of the speedboat ticket was damn expensive, think it was about $170 if I never remember wrongly. I could have fly to Bangkok with that amount man.

Destination reached! The journey took about 2hrs.

Horse-drawn cart!

Hearty breakfast.

Bruises caused by surfing.

Our best buddies of the trip. Flies.

The water from the tap were salty!
I got to use mineral water to brush my teeth, such a loser, haha.
Even after my bath, I still felt unclean and my hair felt like dried grass probably due to the salt water.
Loads of photos, cause there's nothing much we can do there, haha.
It was a torture cycling there, cause the tyres will sink into the deep sand and it was super irritating and tiring.
And so, we gave up the idea of cycling round the island.
A challenge to your teeth.
Dinner time.

We didn't try "Magic Mushroom" though it seems to be the norm there based on what the locals said.

For your info, there's no police on the island, so maybe that's the reason why drugs are available so easily.

To conclude, another super laid back place, but it made me miss Singapore even more, haha. Cause of the fresh water we have from our taps!

But it's ok, cause we were heading back to Kuta the next day again!

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