It's Friday again!
It's been two weeks I've been working with this current employment and I'm kinda getting used to the vibe and people here. But another two weeks to go and I will be gone! Haha.
Majority of my colleagues here are matured ladies, aunties and I mean real matured, like my mum's age, haha.
But they are all super experienced in their fields of work, cause most of them have been in this company for more than 10 years!
I really feel like a kid working here, haha.
I am the youngest among the 144 staffs here in Singapore branch!
Oh! Tell you guys something, the Vice President of this company gets S$1 million bonus last year!! OMFG! S$1 million, and it's just the bonus!!
Why do the rich get richer and the poor get poorer?
Tsk tsk.
Shall I eat Popeye chicken or Botak Jones later?

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