My holidays are over.

Honeymoon period is over.
Will be starting my part time job tomorrow!
Actually it's more of a temp job, just for one month.
Just nice to earn more money for my Tokyo trip, hoho.
Hopefully I can click with the people working there.
We shall see.
Photos photos.
Super yummy foods! And lots of crazily self-obsessed pics of me, hur.
Suki Sushi and Botak Jones!
Cajun chicken from Botak Jones is heavenly good! I want more!

8 shits :

  1. Ms. Wai10:08 AM

    I think alot of disgusting people are reading your blog... Shorties & Sluts... tell you more when we meet up! : )

  2. misschua10:44 AM

    Haha.. who are the disgusting people?
    Anyway Im working for a one month temp job, so maybe can meet after work on weekdays if you all want.
    I knock off at 6pm!

  3. Ms. Wai12:38 PM

    ooo... ok... haha actually the people I'm talking about is only 2 people.. where is your office?

  4. Anonymous7:15 PM

    ehhhhh!! wah lao the sashimi looks damm good.
    Niways u not working at ur old company already?? ?? And when re u going to TOKYO!! WITH WHO!!!! I want to GO!!



  5. misschua6:43 PM

    We go eat sashimi buffet when you are back la!
    It's damn cheap at Suki sushi!

  6. Ms. Wai4:53 PM

    i know this restaurant - Senki, along Killiney... their dinner buffet is quite worth it S$33++ and you get to eat very fresh sashimi, sushi, cooked food... I always have craving for their food.. hehe

  7. Where is Kiliney? Haha, sounds like a place whereby you need a car to go there.

    Suki sushi buffet is about $20 plus, I Iwouldnt't say it's SUPER good quality but still acceptable la.


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