Shanghai or Taipei

I love to travel and I think there shouldn't be anyone who dislikes travelling. Are there?
Anyway based on the resumes that I've seen in the past weeks at work, it's proven that almost 90% of the applicants will write "travelling" or "reading" as their interest.
I am quite doubtful over the reading part actually, ha.
I was looking through the websites on the different airlines yesterday to see if there are any good deals around and it seems that going to Shanghai is actually quite cheap!
S$400 for Malaysia Airlines (though it's not some fantastic airline, but I'm not someone who is particular over this).
So now the destination for the first half of next year is either Shanghai or Taipei again!
Hmm, which one should I choose?
Anyway my aim is to go overseas twice a year (preferably a different country or city everytime) so that 50 years down the road when I am an old haggard and almost dying, I will be able to cover 100 places before I enter the earth!

5 shits :

  1. Ms. Wai12:56 PM

    yes! we shall conquer all asia countries before going to other continents!

    *because asia countries are cheaper... hahahahaha

  2. Haha!!
    But my initial plan for my next trip is LA one leh, but it's damn ex!
    Too poor to go out of Asia yet, sianz.

  3. Anonymous9:28 PM

    But since you have been there already then maybe Shanghai lah. But Taipei more shopping!

  4. Ya lor..
    Phobia on China stuffs, later they give me eat cardboard or sell me fake stuffs. Haha.

  5. Anonymous10:06 PM

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! Cardboard! LOL!!!


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