Ferrero Rondnoir Dark Chocolates

1 entire box (12 retail size packs of 4 chocolates each) of Ferrero Rondnoir dark chocolates was given to me by my in-charge.


Some close-ups of the chocolates.

Chocolate coated wafer shell.
The inside is a very creamy dark chocolate.

But I still prefer Ferrero Rocher, hazel nut is still the best!

14 shits :

  1. Ms. Wai9:21 AM

    got free samples? haha

  2. No problem!
    We can have it as munchies on Sunday.

  3. Ms. Wai3:33 PM

    really ah?! OK OK!
    what are you bringing for Sunday? Think I am making potato salad..

  4. Eh..
    I bring sandwiches can?
    Haha.. easier to make.

    But hor, recently it keeps raining..
    stupid shit, hopefully sunday it doesn't.
    *crossed fingers*

  5. Ms. Wai4:22 PM

    haha nvm we can picnic in Mac if it rains... but hopefully that won't happen...

  6. Picnic in Mac??

    Then I think we buy their EVM better, get a chance to win the Monopoly game, haha.

  7. LOL!

    Eh give me some! I super love the dark ones!

    Ok we see how's the weather in the morning, if it's bad, we go LC's place 'picnic'?

    I bring... ermmmm what do you girls want? Drinks? Or more food?

  8. Ms. Wai11:59 AM

    maybe tibits & some drinks... cause I am bringing wines... hehe...
    btw, do you ladies mind if P come along?

  9. Anonymous12:04 PM

    WAH LAO I want to go and hav chocolates and potato and sandwiches too lol. Wine sounds good too haha. EH and the monopoly game is that the small version one? Cuz they had them here in ADelaide

  10. Haha.. of course dun mind P coming, so long he's ok with it!

    And Gingie, nope the monopoly game is not a mini version. It's a game that McDonald came up with for pple to get a chance to win prizes when you "owns" the same colour area in the game.

  11. Ms. Wai2:39 PM

    maybe we can bring board game/s as well...(my friend intro me to a monopoly - card edition) super portable and fun to play...
    gingie don't be jealous... we will try to go ECP every week once you are back! : )

  12. Monopoly card version?
    Hmm.. hard to visualize, haha.

    I think I have to go dig my storeroom to see what board games I have that's still "surviving".

  13. Ms. Wai4:48 PM

    yeah card version... it's actually more fun than the normal version as the card version requires you to use 75.8% of your brain and the rest (24.2%) depend on your luck...

    shall go and get it tomorrow and we can play it on Sunday!!!

    don't need to dig the board games la I think all the fake money will soon be gone with the strong wind at ECP!

  14. Ms. Wai4:51 PM


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