The Poop's plan.

Today is my last day of my temp job!
It was a good environment to work in as the people here are real nice.
Oh, and my ang moh boss said that I look/dress like a Hongkie, haha.
Anyway tomorrow I will be in Bangkok!
A super short trip, will be back on wednesday night.
And next Tuesday I will be in Tokyo!
Ok, I know I've already mentioned it for lotsa times, but pardon me as I am pretty excited over the Tokyo trip as it's one of the places I've always been wanting to go, ha.
Hopefully it won't disappoint me.
I am going to eat, shop and take TONNES of pics!
When I'm back, I shall start looking for "not the norm" jobs (if there's any), haha.
Seriously, I am quite sick of retail line at the moment, I need a new environment.
Wish me luck.

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  1. Ms. Wai1:26 PM

    I hope you get the dealer job!


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