Eat like nobody's business.

Went to town earlier in the day, as usual I hate to squeeze with the crowd. Irritating shit.
How I wish I can have a force-field circumference of a 1 metre distance from the people around me, wahahaha.
I am a irritating piece of shit too.
We ate tonnes of food today!
Ate maximum, spent minimum!
Vongole with cream sauce at Ambush, yums!
Godiva dark chocolate with mint drink.
Cost us $10!!
Beef doner rice from Anatolia, a Turkish restaurant located at Far East Plaza.
We then headed to Pasir Ris to look for GT bikes, and then to Tampines later on as I can't stand Orchard anymore.
Orchard is so damn boring!
Sick of it.
Hearts Din Tai Fung's xiao long bao!
Ended our day with two tau sa bao!

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