Tokyo Trip Day 1 - Arrival at Narita Airport, Ueno + Shinjuku

It's time for my Tokyo trip photos!

1st day's itinerary:

- 6am (Singapore time) Northwest Airlines flight from Singapore to Narita Airport.
- Reached Narita around 2pm.
- Hopped on the Keisei Limited Express to Ueno Station.
- Checked into Oak Hotel at Ueno.
- Dumped our luggages in our room and headed straight out to Shinjuku to locate Shinjuku Washington Hotel as it was the pick-up point for our Mt. Fuji tour the following day.
- Recced around Shinjuku to familiarise ourselves for an easier time in the upcoming days!

A hearty breakfast on board Northwest Airlines.

Touchdown! Tokyo-Narita Airport.

Here's the cheapest ticket from Narita Airport to Ueno : Keisei Limited Express. 1000 yen (appx. SGD15.70) per ticket.
If we were to travel by Shinkansen (Japanese bullet train), it will cost us about SGD45 per ticket. So, since we were on a budget trip, the obvious wise choice was choosing the Keisei Limited Express, ha!

On board the Keisei Limited Express.

Here we are! Ueno Keisei Line Station, after an approximate 1.5 hr ride.

Making our way to our hotel.

Finally! Oak Hotel!
An appoximate 10 mins walk from the Ueno Keisei station. Not too bad!

Our first meal upon arrival in Tokyo.

Beef bowl and Japanese curry yakiniku don from a 24 hrs fast food joint called Sukiya, which is pretty similar to Yoshinoya but is way way tastier! You really have to make a trip to Tokyo to have a taste of the beef bowls and etc. from Yoshinoya and other similar joints, it's the real deal! Way different from how the Yoshinoya in Singapore tastes like. Miso soup is NOT so salty! And the beef way more tasty.

Heading to Shinjuku by JR Yamanote Line.

A Japanese working class uncle using Yoshida Porter bag. Niceness!
(Apparently, Yoshida Porter is more popular in general over in Japan. You'll see most of the people who are using Porter products from the Yoshida Porter collection and
not from Headporter like over here in Singapore and in other Asian youth culture capitals.)


Stopping by a convenience store to check it out.
Got ourselves a huge SGD8 bottle of chewing gum, with free micro notepad inside! Kawaii!!

Came across this super cute looking packet of bread and decided to buy it to try. They're yummy!

Checking out the famous pachinko shops in real life.

Mingster loves this and wonders why our departmental stores in Singapore can't have corners catering to bicycle enthusiasts.

Yummy Japanese fish pancake with various types of fillings to choose from. We picked the sweet potato one and loved it! Get it from this stall called Gindako, there are quite easily available with many stalls everywhere.

ABC Mart, one of the biggest chain of sneaker stores in Tokyo.

Kabukicho. Shinjuku's "red-light district".

Cute little van with striptease performances.

Gindako's tako-pachi stall.

We decided to try this "seasonal limited" flavour -- "tako"-pachi with fish roe filling.

Mingster liked it while I didn't really do.

The vending machines of Tokyo.

End of exploration of Kabukicho.

It's shhh! on Japanese trains.

Check this man's sleeping posture! Omg! Haha.

With this, it shall be the end of Day One's entry.
More exciting entries of the following days to come!

3 shits :

  1. Anonymous2:20 PM

    i believe the 'free micro notepad' is meant for you to wrap the chewed gum to prevent it from sticking onto any surface it lands on.

  2. Ah ok..
    Now I know!
    Haha.. thanks for the info!
    Totally never tot of that, haha. *dumb me*

  3. Anonymous11:33 PM

    THAT BUN!!!

    That's the bun i wanted to ask u help me buy, too bad i not in sg!

    that's the best bun in the worlddd!~~! : (((


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