Tokyo Trip Day 2 - Mt. Fuji + Hakone + Ginza

This entry is going to be flooded by TONNES of photos, haha!

Day 2's itinerary:

Visit Mt. Fuji and Hakone.
End our day with dinner at Ginza.

Waiting for the JR Yamanote line train to Shinjuku to rendezvous with the tour bus that would pick us up for our Mt. Fuji/Hakone trip.

Some lame shots on the tour bus while waiting for them to pick up all passengers.

Finally a hot drink! It's amazing how there weren't any vending machines that sold hot beverages in Tokyo! For the entire week we were in Japan, this was the one and only time we came across a hot drinks vending machine, at the tour bus terminal! Even in restaurants and at eating places, they served iced/cold water, apart from the exception of hot green tea in sushi parlours.

Vans Authentic & Hideout x Nike Footscape Woven.

Confirmation slip of our seats on the tour bus.

YES! Autumn maple leaves in full effect!! Wooooo!

The air was so cold and dry that it was really hard to smile without looking unnatural! Ha..

Here we are!! Mt. Fuji's 5th Station! The visitors' centre halfway up the mountain.
According to the tour guide, the temperature then was 3 degrees Celsius, I am surprised I could actually withstand the cold with just a sweater underneath my shirt.

Some postcards to be sent to my dearest friends, right from Mt. Fuji's post office.

Some shots on our way back down the mountain. Check out the snow!
Till we meet again Mt. Fuji, we will definitely be back!

Catered lunch at Highland Resort Hotel & Spa. Both aesthetically and tastebuds pleasing.

Next stop : Hakone!

More Japanese maple leaves! Can't get enough of them...

Tour of Lake Ashi.After the Lake Ashi ferry tour, it's time to head up...

... Mt. Komagatake! Via the ropeway, which is literally a huge cable car.

Here we are!! At the peak of Mt. Komagatake.

Omg! It's Mt. Fuji in the distant background!!

It was so intensely beautiful that we kept snapping and snapping picture after picture till we missed our scheduled ride down the mountain. Haha... You gotta be there to feel its magic, photos only say this much... It was here that we finally understood why people fancy sightseeing holidays.

Final shot of Mt. Fuji while we were in the cable car back down.

Ok, let's take a short break. Here comes a series of shots taken by me with my old Olympus compact digital camera with only 3.2MP. Those above were taken with Canon's IXUS 70 which was held by Mingster.

Kinda lame but just to show you guys the comparison. We find that Olympus cams took photos with better colour intensity and more true-to-life colours without the need to play around with settings at all.
(Mingster used to own an Olympus compact as well and he agreed too) Just on it and snap, snap, snap for all of the below shots. I'm getting more and more convinced that I should be getting Olympus's E-Pen.

What's your verdict?

Ok! Back to the trip!

Next stop : Ginza.

SaiBoi loves every minute of it!

Krispy Kreme doughnuts!
And they actually gave out free sugar-glazed doughnuts for customers who were queuing up to buy doughnuts.
How generous!

Tried the seasonal flavour for X'mas. Hmm, to be honest, it wasn't that nice. But their most basic sugar-glazed doughnuts are real yummy!

Street shot of Ginza.

Stopping by to check out a whole row of food shops below the train tracks at Ginza Tokyo Metro station. Found this store specialising in udon and soba, and decided to try it.

Loved the way Japanese orders their food in such shop, it's by buying tickets in vending machines. Nice.

Curry udon for Mingster.

Miso udon for me.

An extra chicken katsu don to try out too! Haha...

This is the humble looking little shop we tried. Don't belittle it, the udon and don were yummy!!

Here's a look at how small the interior is. (Check out the man's expression when we snapped this pic, ha.)

I just love Japanese flip phones!

Next, we tried a McFlurry which had a flavour that isn't available in Singapore. Guess what it is...

Strawberry shortcake!!

The cost? 330 yen. Which worked out to be approx. SGD 5.50!

After a whole evening of exploration of Ginza, we came to a conclusion that Ginza was not a place that we would want to head back again. No doubt it is the high fashion capital of Tokyo, lined with all the designer brands you can think of, it wasn't our cuppa tea and we found it really boring to be looking at fashion we were interested in.

It was time to head back to Ueno.

Saw this funny sign in the train which was trying to discourage commuters from squeezing into the train relentlessly.

This was a common sight at Ueno.
The plight of the homeless. These handmade cardboard shelters were actually bed/ home for the homeless, so sad to see such scene especially when it was such cold weather.

We often take things for granted in life, and sights like this brought us back to our humane selves and made us feel how fortunate we are.

Mingster couldn't wait to get his hands on a can of Calpis.

Ueno is in a district called Taito-ku, and is home to games giant, Taito.

We ended Day Two with a casual stroll in the streets of Ameyoko, an area in Ueno we would be spending alot of time at in the upcoming days.

Look out for Day Three's entry!

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    i like your outfit!!
    nice hamster dude!! do you also have the white hamsters?

    greetz from holland!!

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    Thanks for the comment! =)
    I don't have the white one though.

    So you are into Nike as well?



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