Tokyo Trip Day 3 - It's shopping time!

Finally has the time to continue uploading photos of my Tokyo trip, had been previously busy with fleas and also attended a short course.

So, here we go!
As usual, it will be an entry flooded with photos. =)
Day 3 - Harajuku, Ueno (Ameyoko).

Basically we hunted down all the stores that we marked on my map to see what was in store and then to decide what to buy.
See! We are not impulsive shoppers k! Haha, I am so proud that we were so radical. *applauds*

In this entry, I wrote down the addresses of the stores that we visited for reference to all those people that are into streetwear too!
So now, you just have to plot it into your maps for easy locating. Actually finding all those shops was not that difficult as I initially thought it would be, piece of cake! Haha.

Cold weather + the early morning = spastic smiles

Pachinko & slot is EVERYWHERE.

Settled our lunch in this sushi restaurant, cheap and fresh sushi! Worth it worth it!

Only 126yen per plate, but it was definitely 100 times better than our Sakae Sushi/ Sushi Tei/ Suki Sushi and the likes. The fish they used were directly from Tsukiji market, super duper fresh!
And the proportion of the fish is to the rice was the real deal! Small rice cakes with big generous slices of fish! That's the way! Not what we get in those popular local Japanese restaurants I mentioned earlier on. Here in Singapore, it seems like the eateries are out to "con" us in a way, by catering such "big rice cake, pathetic fish slice" proportions for their sushis.

I miss the sushi in Tokyo!

Collage of some of the sushi that we ate. Yum!

Don't belittle this humble-looking fruit stall!
This was one of the stalls that left us a huge impact! Haha. We saw big crowds of locals crowding around near the stall munching on fruits bought from the stall, and we knew why once we tried the fruits for ourselves -- the pineapple slices were fucking damn sweet!!
We behaved like ignorant kampong villagers when we ate the pineapple, hahaha.
It is a MUST for all people to try their fruits when you visit Ueno Ameyoko!


We found a treasure!
Ok, actually it was Ming who got hooked on to this store.
It is an old and normal looking shoe shop that you would probably just walk pass without noticing it, but luckily we didn't.
According to Mingster, this shop had lots of ol' skool limited shoes, shoes as old as 10 - 15 years old, but they still stocked and sold them here and the amazing part is that they were still in very good condition! And the store owner took efforts to wrap the shoe boxes up in clear plastic covers so that they still are as good as you got them 10 years ago! That is the way! Mingster was impressed. It's Japan indeed.

But as always, he started complaining about why he is not able to keep his shoes well though he puts so much effort in maintaining his collection.
And my reply will always be the same : Because Singapore is a damn HUMID country.
It's a fact we can't change, accept it k Mingster.

Check this out! One of the shoes which caught Mingster's eyes once we entered the shop. Original Nike Air Talaria from 1997!
Mingster loves it and went so gaga, going on and on telling me the stories about this model and how this colour never got retro-ed by Nike till now... But I think it's an ugly shoe. Hmm...

The Air Talaria lying amidst other classics like Air Zoom Haven, Air Footscape, Air Trainers and Dunks, all from the early 2000s and earlier.

Mingster getting excited again. This time round by original Air Kukinis, and first retro editions of Air Max 93 and Air Max Burst from 2001/02.

Oh, by the way, Mingster bought all those shoes that he pointed at in the pics, ha.

Our locating of Mita Sneakers store made him smile from ear-to-ear non-stop.

Kirin doesn't just produce beer.

This is where to head to if you decide to explore Ueno and locate all the "paradise" stores.

Moving on to ...

See! so good, can get to drink and eat on train.

... Harajuku! More shopping!!

The brand new Nike Harajuku store.

Laforet (A girl streetwear mall)


Atmos girls


His camera in action.

Mine in action at the same time.

I was stopped by a nigga when I took a photo of this vending machine outside his shop.
Oh, apparently Harajuku has quite a number of niggas hanging out in that area.

Wanna locate all the dope streetwear/sneaker stores in Harajuku? Keep your eyes peeled for this street.

Chapter Harajuku
(3-22-7 Jingumae, 1F)

Neighborhood (Just right below Supreme)
(4-32-7 Jingumae, 1F)

(4-32-7 Jingumae, 2F)

(4-32-5 Jingumae, 2F)

*thick skinned*
We were stopped by a local photographer to take a snap of our outfits for their magazine, hoho.

One thing I dislike about Tokyo's winter season is that the sunset timing was way too early!

As you can see from my later pics, it looked dark and as though it was taken late at night, but hell no!
By 4pm, the day will be over and it looked like it was 8pm in the night.

(3-21-12 Jingumae, B1F/1F)

Undefeated (Right above Stussy)
(4-28-2 Jingumae, 2F)

Stussy Harajuku
(4-28-2 Jingumae, 1F)

Xlarge Harajuku
(4-25-29 Jingumae, 1F)

Bought a bowl of oden from their convenience store.
Super yummy!
The one that I am holding with my chopsticks in the above photo was a fishcake that has a texture of a marshmallow, weird but nice!

Marc by Marc Jacobs

(5-9-17 Jingumae, B1F)

Kurachika Yoshida
(5-6-8 Jingumae, 1F)

Nike Sportswear store @ Cat Street.
Burberry Black & Blue Label

(6-15-7 Jingumae)

Manhattan Portage

The North Face

Yummy thick creamy vanilla ice-cream with red bean fillings. Only 99 yen!

And I received my first birthday wishes for the year with a present! I love it!

Close the day with Saiboi acting stupid with Mingster's bubble vest's hood, ha.

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