Canon EOS 500D

Okay! I have made up my mind! I'm not going to buy Olympus E-P1 or Panasonic Lumix GF1.

After a long research online and serious thoughts, I've decided to buy Canon EOS 500D when I get my first pay!
I mean since I am really interested in photography and I already have a point and shoot camera, so why spend almost the same amount of money to yet again buying a hybrid camera and why not just go straight to DSLR.
Though I still hate the bulkiness of a DSLR, but I have to psycho myself that I will slowly get use to it, haha.

So, I guess the Canon EOS 500D should be the perfect choice for a beginner like me!
I mean unless the the price difference of a EOS 550D that's going to launch soon is not that big, maybe I will consider getting the EOS 550D.

Can't wait can't wait!

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