Nothing in particular, just an emo entry.

Humans are unpredictable and I am definitely one of them.
I don't understand myself, one day I feel that I am like this and the next day I think I am not.
I thought "this" is what I want in life, but maybe the next second I don't think likewise.
I am a confuse kid and not being able to understand myself sounds damn wrong and pathetic.

I don't even understand myself so how can I be sure that I understand others well and expecting others to understand me?

Maybe people do want different things at different stages of their life.
So, people do change?

We all think we know somebody, especially those that you are close to.
But it's when they behave or act unexpectedly, we start to feel that they have changed.
Initially, probably things that you all have encountered doesn't involve decisions that values has to be taken.
You two feel that your goals, thoughts and beliefs are all the same.

A perfect couple.

But when decisions that values and perspectives are to be in consideration, things might change.
I may have a sense of what is right or wrong, you may have a sense of what is right or wrong.
So, when I believe very strongly in my sense, I will never accept what you want me to do or even to think from your perspectives.
No one is right or wrong.
It's just how two individuals handle things differently.
And when values are in strong conflict, whatever effort we make is useless to change their point of view.

Changing someone.
I guess most people should know that we shouldn't change anyone, but should learn to accept them instead.
This is super hard.
I thought I could do it, but I can't.
Most of the time, I tend to put myself as the benchmark, if I feel that I can do it, so why can't the others?
And when they failed to meet my standards, I start to make noise, I start to think why are they so incapable, I start to think they are dumb.
But the reality is that all people are different, all people have different capabilities.
I know that I am wrong to think this way, but I just can't stop my brain from processing to think this way.
This is just me.
But I want to change it.

All these while, whenever someone in my world is doing something I don't like, I resort to anger.
In response, the receiver may become defensive and even attacking back.
It will just turn into a bad cycle and the whole situation will just get worse.

Maybe I should start by learning to ignore it?
Bottom line --
I need to control my temper.
I need to improve on my interaction and communication.

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