Tokyo Trip Day 6 - Ueno Park + Harajuku + Shinjuku

Recently I realized that I didn't finish posting my Tokyo trip that I went last year November.
So, I've decided to bombard this post with my ancient photos I took in Japan.
I miss Tokyo so much!
Can't wait to visit there again!
Gotta lookout for good deals to go Japan man!

Ueno Park

Ate ice-cream at a temperature of about 10°C.

Harajuku Takeshita street for our 2nd last day of shopping.

My love.

Saw this crazily priced Sushi set in a supermarket.
205800 yen = $3215.63!!!

Stussy Shinjuku Chapter store.

Stussy x Madhectic x Undefeated series.


Our partial buys. =)
Basically I feel that whichever country we go, we buy practically about the same stuffs, haha.
Kudos for us for being such hardcore fans of Headporter, Stussy, G-shock and nike kicks.
But we do buy other brands as well, so long it's nice.

I love Japan!

2 shits :

  1. Ms. Wai12:42 PM

    I look at the food and I'm uber hungry now!!!

  2. Hahaha.. now is lunch time wat, go for a uber full lunch then!

    But you going Taipei soon, also will have lots of yummy munchies!


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