I am a wishy washy bitch.

I am not ambitious.
It might be bad in other people's eyes, but I don't care.
I don't have much complaints about how I am now.

Everybody wants their life to be better, but how do you define 'better'?
Owning a car is a bonus, but not having one doesn't makes your life worse.
Having branded stuff is not a sin, if you think it can bring you joy, go ahead.
But not having a Chanel or Birkin or Rolex doesn't means you are a failure in your career and life.
If you have more than enough cash to spare, by all means.
Always remember to spend within your limits.
But don't ever make your life miserable by wanting all these wants when you think it's actually needs.
Everybody's definition of happiness is different.
So don't put your interpretation on others.

Free from illness is happiness.
Having someone whom you can share your joy and sadness is happiness.
Able to watch tv and bicker with my mum is happiness.
Able to travel around and taking photos is happiness.
Bringing joy to your loved ones and knowing that they are happy is happiness.

Stop wishing and hoping how you want your life to be.
Happiness lies in contentment.

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Life to be as simple as being happy everyday.

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