Fight for your happiness.


I'm okay, apparently very okay. It felt like a dream and it leads me into a fantasy that cant be reality. What exactly is the truth or maybe nothing has ever been real. Everything was just an illusion. I fell for it but so what. Everything still remains the same. It's amazing how at one point in our lives we can be so close to someone and then later they will become a complete stranger. How pathetic is that. Frail humans. Life doesn't make sense, nothing is. The crappy life is gone, go somewhere else with your bullshit. It was sweet , it was bitter, it was crazy. Go after what you want, if not you will never get it. Take a step forward, if not you will always be at the same place. A smile doesn't means you're truly happy, tears doesn't means you're sad. Laughter is just a tool to hide your insecurities and wanting others to think that you're alright. A shield is formed cause you don't want others to know your weaknesses. Be numb, close your eyes and don't feel anything at all. Having no idea what you are going to do or how to feel, all you want is to be okay. Sometimes we're broken but we don't even know why. I don't know why I wrote all these crap, but ya fuck it.

" If you are trapped between your feelings and what other people think is right, always go for whatever makes you happy, unless you want everybody to be happy except you."

Just breathe to feel alive.
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  1. Anonymous10:49 PM

    even thought its emo, but i love what u wrote.
    love your every post actually. :)

  2. misschua9:25 AM

    TQ TQ!! =D


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