Memories can be forgotten, so try to create tangible evidences of your life.

we were once togetherness~
once upon a time
weijie jinru
chua jinru
baby me

27th November 1985.
I came into this world.
My fate of being part of my family.
It was not a choice, it was my fate that they are my family members.
My mum once told me that my brother used to dote me a lot, fed me when I was hungry, changed my diapers, play with me and taking good care of me.

But what have we turned out to be now?
Hardly even one word a day though we are living under the same roof.
His presence will only stinks the whole house and create chaos.
We are like strangers that's blood related.

Growing up is cruel.
Reality is cruel.
It was no longer a beautiful world that we can simply play and laugh with no worries.

At times, just sink into the sweet memories that you still remember before it's being erase off when you're old and memory is failing.

I hate you and I love you.

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