Sometimes, I randomly smile because I think of you.


I've been neglecting my space over here.
Not exactly busy but I don't seem to have enough time to laze around like I used to, haha.
Plain excuses, I know it.
I'm doing okay, not great, not amazing, not horrible, just okay.
And that's perfectly okay, I am happy with it.

I think my pace is getting slower, which is good I guess. Things no longer excites me like how it used to be and I don't yearn for the kind of unrealistic fantasy that I thought I am going for.
It was just a phase.

Maybe I want to see the world with you.
Maybe things can be really that simple and blissful.
Maybe life is indeed beautiful.

2 shits :

  1. Anonymous1:58 PM

    please do update more! i really like to read your posts :)

  2. misschua9:10 AM

    =D will try not to be that lazy and update more often!

    Thanks for liking!!


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