Everything can change in an instant, love what is here and now.


What is me to you.
What is you to me.

If being happy is the only thing we care of, things can be so much simpler.
Is there an expiry date for all happiness?
All we have is now.
Don't want to make things harder, I want everything to be better.
What if one day, I'm not the person I thought I can be.

How fickle my heart is.
Maybe I know. Maybe I don't.

Hey, just love everyday.

3 shits :

  1. Anonymous5:01 PM

    your posting seems rather sad and undecided recently, might want to take a break and sort things out. Can try coastal destinations like... bali or phuket(my top pick for budget accomodation and airfare ~~) ?
    The sun, sea and sand kinda provide a good solution to clean your brain filter!

    From: a fan of your blog

  2. misschua9:29 AM

    Morning Mr.120884

    Ya, think im desperately in need of a nice good break, which most probably i will be getting it real soon. =)

    Anyway thanks for reading my random blabbers over here! HUAT ah! hahahaha..

  3. Anonymous5:29 PM

    yeah sure, look forward to more "cheerful" blabbers then !

    Mr. 120884


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