Laters, baby.

I see the sunshine

Been a while since I've posted something relevant to my life.
I think my life is a cycle, my feelings are like a cycle.
Constantly, I've been having the thought of feeling unmotivated, aimless and life has not been fulfilling and the worse part of all is that I don't know how to fulfill that emptiness.
That's bad, ain't it.

I've been good, maybe too good. Too bland, I would say.
Maybe humans just need to stray sometimes to realise the goody good? Ok, maybe not. (I think I'm just prolly polluted by fifty shades of grey, haha. I am totally obsessed with Mr Grey!)

Ok, let's hope my China trip will bring me some senses, I hope so.
That's all, for now.

Laters, baby.

PS. Everybody loves Mr Grey, I roll my eyes too. :)

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