Just came back from Zouk, it was a boring night and it seemed that most of us are also not on form, haha. It was Tony Tay and Hong, but as usual, the dancefloor was so empty due to it's not a guest DJ from overseas? Singaporean will never support local scene no matter how good the DJ is unless you are famous and being recognized elsewhere. Pathetic.
But I think clubbing seems to make me feel worse, so I guess it's not an activity recommended for me at this stage. Coming back to my empty room is kinda weird, just ... empty. Think I am just not use to it, but slowly everything will be fine. =)

This weekend should be a fun one! Tomorrow I will first go visit my dear wingkina from CGH, she's so poor thing, she has muscle infection or something, don't really know exactly what's her condition yet. After that, it's KTV time! And after KTV, might be heading down to Zouk to catch Above & Beyond, but from today's experience, I might gotta reconsider, haha.

Then as for sunday, Serene is accompanying me to Escape Theme Park!! Super excited, it's been a long long time I've been there, basically I only went there once when it just opened. Think there should be a lot more new rides and attractions. Yeah!

I really love all my friends that helped me pull through this difficult period, without you guys I think I will collapse!! Really really. *Hugs to all of you all!*

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