Feeling Moody

Shit, I didn't get to finish my American Idol, dozed off at 11 plus I think and I just woke up, it's now already 510am and I have to wake up again at 930am.

I am so sick of my current state or I would say my current self. I will wonder why have I turned into this girl that will rush home just for a certain tv program, always rushing to go to work, always walking so damn fast etc. Actually I am not sure what I am rambling, haha. Anyway right now, I just want to slow things down, seriously for the past 2 weeks I don't care about what tv shows I have missed, I don't run to the station to catch a certain timing train etc. I just want to do things at my own pace, a new one!

I came to realise that I might be too perfectionist in some aspect which end up also expecting the people around me to be the same way as well, which is so wrong. Everyone's ability, thinking process is different and obviously the way they handle things/ completion timing is different as well. I can't possibly expect them to do all things in my way even though I might think that my way is better. Basically, my main point is that I simply care too much and I am too particular on the steps or whatever, I just want to be a carefree person that enjoys the moment.

(Ok, the whole 2 paragraphs are crap, you all can just ignore it.)

Guess what! I bought a Tiffany bracelet for myself! Haha, it was so random and sudden. Basically it was Phoebe who wanted to check out the new range - Tiffany keys and I accompanied her. We were just looking around, trying on stuffs etc and we saw this damn nice bracelet and I just felt like pampering myself, so I bought it without much hesitation! Haha, it's $215! Anyway it's not with me yet, cause I sent it for shortening, it will only be ready next wednesday!
Last time, I have another person to love and pamper, but since he's no longer around, I will love myself even more.
I thought you are the one that I will grow old with, travel around with, but apparently it's not.
Good night my friends.

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