Regain trust from someone you have betrayed

One of the steps in regaining trust which I totally agree with.
- Share Honest Information
Information is power. This is the number one trust builder. Most situations I have faced where trust has been betrayed are directly connected to lack of communication, lack of information, lies and cover-up stories. If you are afraid, say so. If you made a wrong move, tell the truth. If you fail, admit to it. If you are guarding "privileged information" and your relationship depends on the other person knowing what's going on, be brave and say it. Information makes the other person feel like "we are in this together." Withholding information when it's due to the other person is one of the most painful forms of betrayal. Be straightforward and honest. If you are trying to regain your spouse's trust, open up about finances, time management, the people you meet, your appointments and your whereabouts. The more information you provide the better it is.

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