Canon G10 or Panasonic LX3?

Ah!! I can't decide which camera I want to buy!!
Based on appearance, it's definitely Canon G10, I love the o'scool vintage chunky look. But so far the feedbacks I get from my friends or forums are saying that the LX3 is better in terms of the wide-angle lens and HD video recording. And I've been wanting to find a camera that has faster shutter speed under low light condition as my current Canon Ixus 70 really sucks at taking photos at night.
As for G10, it seems that the 14.7 megapixels is a winning point and it takes sharper pics. It also has bigger zoom range than LX3.
I really can't decide! Or maybe I should just go buy a DSLR? Haha.

2 shits :

  1. I recommend Canon PowerShot G10. I have one and very beautiful picture. Don't miss Canon G10.

  2. misschua3:15 PM

    Oh! Do you have any photo album online that I can go have a look on pics you took from G10? =)


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