RIP Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is dead.

The whole world should probably know it by now. I know it's not exactly like I knew him in person, I am not his hardcore fan as well. But when I first heard that he's dead, I was really shocked and sad and till now I am still pretty affected by it. I am so lame. Ha.

After reading articles and news about him for days, I pitied him. Though it's sad that he's not able to make a comeback, but I think it was a relief for him to leave this cruel world that people around him are just treating him like a money maker.

When he was alive, people were only concerned about how weird he behaved, or how many children he molested, or how many times he went under the knife or how many times his nose dropped off.

Only when he's dead, people start to remember his amazing good old times.

Human beings are asses. Real shitty. I guess that includes me as well.

Let us remember the Michael Jackson we love: Moonwalk.

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