Panasonic Lumix GF1

New target again!
Haha, I know I have been yakking since few months ago saying that I want to buy a new camera and I just can't make up my mind as in between there is newer/ better/ nicer cameras popping out in the market.
The latest Lumix GF1 seems to be the best option among all the cameras I am considering now. Basically it is the direct rival of the Olympus E-P1 that I was previously interested in, but Lumix GF1 has all the missing critism that E-P1 is lack in, such as the built in flash, lack of a viewfinder and the poor focus speed.
The price of the Lumix GF1 is crazily expensive!
So, I don't think I am able to buy it even when it's out in October.
Because I am jobless! Haha.
If I am not wrong, it's about US$900 with the 20mm F1.7 ASPH "pancake" kit lens.
It's practically a DSLR pricing, but I think it's totally worth it though.
Lumix GF1 is just slightly bigger than the LX3.

Side by side comparison of Lumix GF1 vs Olympus E-P1.

Based on appearance, Olympus E-P1 is still the winner, I love the retro feel of the camera, but for the overall package the choice it's definitely Lumix GF1.

So, I shall start to put some money aside to save up for this gadget!

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