East Coast Park

East Coast Park.
Why must it be so far from Yishun?
Anyway it was surprisingly quiet for a Sunday, weird.
But I preferred it that way, hate it when it's too crowded and with all the ringings non-stop.
I was the "safety car" behind them and a fatass munching on my McSpicy burger while cycling, ha.

Next activity on pending, picnic!

Let's do it before I turn into a 独居老人. Haha.

4 shits :

  1. -laughs
    i knew you would cycle instead hurr
    and 独居老人
    ...i have a feeling that's going to be me also.
    we can live next door to each other then k

  2. Haha!!
    Then we must start saving from now onwards, if not we might have to apply for those 1-room flat.
    I don't want!!!

  3. Anonymous11:11 PM

    whahahhaha!!! I liked ur coomment on the munching on mcspicy LOL.. ure so not fat loh!!!

    mISS U ALL HEAPS! coming back in 9 weeks :D

    - ginnnn

  4. 9 weeks!!
    Hooray!! =D


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