Mt. Fuji and Hakone.

Love today's itinerary to the max!

Woke up damn early this morning, 6am Tokyo time to be exact, and we almost missed the tour bus which would pick us up for our Mt. Fuji and Hakone tour. We were supposed to head to a hotel in Shinjuku called Shinjuku Washington for our pickup, but while on our way there, we realised we wouldn't have enough time to reach Shinjuku to make it for the 7.45am scheduled pickup time. So I checked the list of pickup points again and looked for the subsequent pickup location. We spent a couple of minutes having a dilemma about whether we should carry on to Shinjuku and try our luck, or get off the train and head to the opposite platform to take the Tokyo Station bound train to rendevous with the tour bus which would be there at 8.15am to pick some other tour participants. We chose the latter. And we were lucky, we managed to catch the bus just in time! Phew!

The first location we went to was Mt. Fuji and throughout the journey I was sleeping like a log and I think I even drooled, wahaha!! Once again, we were lucky to be able to go up all the way up to the 5th station of Mt. Fuji (there are a total of 10 stations to reach the summit), coz our tour guide told us that for the past five times he brought tours up this month, they were not able to go up the mountain at all and could only stop at the 1st station, all other sections were closed by the authorities. He said we were very lucky today to have excellent clear weather conditions which is hard to come by at this part of the year! So, up we went and took lotsa nice shots of Mt. Fuji and just when we were about to leave, it suddenly became very foggy and our entire surroundings and Mt. Fuji's summit were completely covered by the fog, so foggy that you weren't able to even see 5 metres ahead of you! Ain't we lucky?

Our next destination was Hakone.
To reach there, we had to take a cruise on Lake Ashi and then a cable car up Mt. Komagatake. From the top of the mountain, we were able to see Mt. Fuji from another angle and the place was superbly spectacular! You guys should be here to witness the scenery in real life, indescribable!

After an hour of free wandering time at the summit of Mt. Komagatake, we had to descend to the base tourist station again where the tour bus was waiting to pick us up to send us back to Tokyo. We chose to alight at Ginza. There, we ate our dinner and did some exploring around the district.

Once again, I have to say it : I love the food here!
Everything we ate so far for the past two days were delicious! Super tasty! Oishi!!!

Tomorrow is Day Three. We will be heading to Harajuku/Aoyama!
Harajuku and Aoyama have almost all the streetwear brands you can possibly think of, such as Headporter, Gregory, Neighborhood, Alife, Atmos, Xlarge, FIL, Visvim, Originalfake, Stussy and so many more!

Which also means..
It will be a day whereby both of us will have HUGE holes in our pockets due to shopping, oh no!

3 shits :

  1. Anonymous9:37 AM

    SO FUN!!! WAHH!!

  2. Ya!!!
    Mt. Fuji is really damn nice!
    Have to come again man!

  3. The Knackler9:35 AM

    I totally recommend it to anyone who's making a trip to Tokyo, you will NEVER regret it...


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