Never ending list..

I've got so many things in mind that I want to get. Argh.
And to me, every item is important. Haha, irritating shitass.
Which one should I get first?
I need more money! Keep rolling keep rolling!

1) Macbook Pro ( My freaking slow computer is killing me!)
2) Oven ( I want to bake cookies, cake, lasagna and loads of yummy stuffs!)
3) Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Lens ( Cheapest lens to start off with.)

4) Bicycle ( I just love to cycle, don't you? But it was all due to the fookin someone that stole my bicycle! *$%#%@!!!)

5) Dry Cabinet ( Blame Singapore for being so humid!)

2 shits :

  1. Meowmee2:49 PM

    Macbook first! :)

  2. misschua10:27 AM

    But I cant decide to buy the older system which is only $1788 or the newer faster system that is $2488.

    The price difference is so huge!


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