When you get to the end of the road, tie a knot and hang on.

let it burn

Emotionally unstable.
I don't wish to feel this way, but sadly this time round or maybe just today it's hitting me quite badly.
I hope life can be simpler at times, but when it's really simple, I might wish that it can be a little exciting or unexpectedly.
When life gets too many unpredictable incidents happening, I hope life can be simpler.
I kind of hate my inconsistency of what I want.

Walking barefoot on the green, lie down and look up in the blue sky and life is good.
Waking up with a hearty breakfast with your loves brings a smile and it warms my heart.
Sipping a nice hot tea, looking at how the rain drips down your window.
Hopping place to place, snapping what I see through my eyes.
All it seems nice, but when it does happen, for how long will the happiness stay?

Life can't just keeps beginning over again and again for me.
Growing old is unavoidable, but not growing up is possible, but the environment doesn't seems to allow us to do so.

Fight against it.
Fight with the demons.

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Life to be as simple as being happy everyday.

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