Life is temporary, shit happens.

oi!round baby round
poke uhop
lift up your hand!

This was how busy I am, totally neglecting this space of mine.
Ok, maybe partly due to my laziness as well, ha.

Pressure is good, but when it's too overwhelming, it's kind of suffocating. And when the source of stress is making you having heart attack almost every second, it can't be that of a good thing.

A break.
It's coming again.

Find you. Be you. Be happy with that.
But seriously, how many times will I have to go through this phase of searching.
Heck, it's part of life, ok maybe just my life.
But that's my choice.

We tend to complicate things in life and why not just make it simple.
Find what it is that makes you happy and who it is that makes you happy and you're set.

Think less. Live more.
Wouldn't that be more wonderful.

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Life to be as simple as being happy everyday.

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